2020 Masters of Arts in Teaching Thesis Exhibition

Salem State University

Emily Englehardt

Michael & Sophia

 Acrylic on Canvas, 15.5” x 22.5”, 2020


Emily Englehardt

Emily Englehardt

Masters of Arts in Teaching, 2020

Artist Statement

Art has always played a major role in my life. It provides me with an escape, a goal, a hobby, a career, a way of connecting with others, and opportunity. When I create, the rest of the world melts away; minutes turn into hours, and all that is left is me and my work. I strive for that feeling of being lost in a moment. It is comforting, stimulating, pleasurable, cathartic, and a space where one can be totally and completely themselves –it feels like ‘home.’

This series celebrates and commemorates my family –those who are family by blood, choice, luck, or fate. The emotional connections and relationships in my life have always been something I’ve treasured. I enjoy capturing my family in moments that are often joyous or contemplative in nature; moments that are special, yet ordinary. I create my images with care to show that I care who is in them. The emotional connections I have with family and friends are the driving force behind my work, and my work is my way of showing how much they, in turn, mean to me.