2020 Masters of Arts in Teaching Thesis Exhibition

Salem State University

Ashley Doke

Florae #1

Linoleum Print, 12″ x 18″, 2020

Ashley Doke

Ashley Doke

Masters of Arts in Teaching, 2020

The Beauty in Flora

As an artist, I find importance in visually recording the natural world. I have always been attracted to the world around me and I have an insatiable desire to be endlessly immersed in it. I find myself exploring the different plants, trees, and other natural formations in order to take elements that are often over looked by others in our busy lives.

Accentuating the flora’s beauty allows me to reflect on the essence of each that attracts me to them. By focusing on their different qualities of shape and textures, I seek to create my own versions of the flora. My process combines each of these into one composition, creating a dynamic image that allows the eye to explore the newly created flora full of textures.

 I use a traditional printmaking process from initial drawing to linoleum carving and finally printing. I get lost in the action of carving away my negative spaces; this action is akin to meditation. Printing in monochrome black creates a heightened contrast that allows for the focus to be on the organic forms of my reimagined original experience. In this way, I relive the original experience through the traditional process of carving and printing.