2020 Art and Design Student Awards

Salem State University

Morgan Petitpas

Winfisky Art Award

For exceptional and energetic service to the Art + Design department through promotion of the visual arts within the Salem State University community.

Morgan Petitpas

Presidential Creativity Award

To recognize the artistic endeavors of outstanding students in art, creative writing, dance, music and theater

Amy Drinker

Arthur W. Smith Outstanding Creativity Award

For exemplary creative achievement in Art + Design in the Division of Continuing Education

Richard Delmonico

Graduate Award

For outstanding achievement in the Art + Design Graduate program

Melissa Gilbert

Vito Sammartano Award

For exemplary creative achievement in Art + Design

Jessica Martineau

Certificate of Merit

For unique and distinguished service to the Art + Design department

Certificates of Excellence

For meritorious work in Art + Design

  • Geech Huot, 2D
  • Karla Caldera, 3D Studio
  • Alexander Caggiano, Art History
  • Samantha Murphy, Art History
  • Morgan Walsh, Art History
  • Tereza Cerekja, Graphic Design
  • Stefano D’Anna, Graphic Design
  • Wendy Lan, Graphic Design
  • Clifmon Leroy, Graphic Design
  • Amanda Lunn. Graphic Design
  • Dylan Maida, Graphic Design
  • Kimberly Oliver, Graphic Design
  • Simone Robinson, Graphic Design
  • Duyen Tran, Graphic Design
  • Sean Casey, Interactive Multimedia
  • Anthony Arsenault, Painting
  • Rianna Lindsey. Painting
  • Casey, Jones Printmaking
  • Samantha Stickney, Printmaking
  • Sophia Cawlina, Printmaking
  • Daniel Likhterman, Photography
  • Edith Waldsmith, Photography
  • Michael, Berard Photography
  • Thomas Donaghy, Photography